donde esta

When I get sick, I always get sick on weekends. Like this one. And I'm usually sick only for one day, so I don't miss school that much, which is what I want. Yesterday was fun. We were at Fritidsgården. I made pyttipanna with elin and jappe so I didn't have so much time to do other things. But it was nice frying with a big muurikka pan for several hours, getting soaked by the food fumes. After that I started feeling sick, felt like I was about to throw up all the time when I saw people eating. I couldn't eat. Even when I woke up this morning I felt like vomiting. But I didn't, but I have barely eaten today. Not hungry. Slept for almost the whole day, until now. My fever is rising. What's bugging me the most is that I have my first real driver's ed lesson tomorrow, like I'm really driving. Oh how I have longed for that moment. This was interesting.

42 seconds of perfection

Five Iron Frenzy is either Dead or Dying (ska version) - Relient K

Ska is nice. This is nice. Wish they make more stuff like this.


On Mondays I have two free periods first thing in the morning. Today I woke up pretty early and at breakfast Lina suggested that we should play playstation before I went to the bus. And I thought why not, I have time. So we started playing. And I lost, so I wanted to play again. And again. I got really carried away by the game, so yeah. Missed my bus...
Had my first drivers' ed lesson today. It was so boring. The teacher was so slow. I had hoped he'd be concise but he wasn't. He really wanted the information to sink in, and he might have succeeded before the yawns and the heavy eyes(?). At least I'll start driving soon. Jippii! Thank you my very dear friends who have let me drive before that! I'm on my way out, might catch a wave or something. So long my friends so long.

Gooseberry juice

Yesterday was a day of victory. At last I went to my neighbour while she was gardening and we started small talking. And somehow I asked what they were going to do with their gooseberries. And she said nothing, and that she'd only be pleased if I wanted to pick them, so they would come to some use. And oh how happy I became. I fetched a bucket and started picking. I got about 8 litres. When I came home I made juice. It was so good! So anyone who wishes a glass, just drop in some day.

The result.

more stuff about things

Today was a day. We had school photography. And I took my separate ones right after it had rained on my hair. I think I will look perfect, as usual. I decided to smile widely with my teeth in every picture, cause I havn't done that before, so now there is no return. We had our first school volleyball training session today. I actually didn't think I'd be such an amateur but reality snuck up on me. I didn't know you wore knee pads in volleyball? And soon I realised how good everyone else was and how bad I was. So I might not return, I think. It was fun, though. When I came home I persuaded my sister to come and pick raspberries with me. And I succeeded. But we didn't find any and my sister got fed up with all the mosquitos. And the rain was pouring down. So we went back home, and I went searching on my own, in the rain. It was nice, but I was soaked. And I found some around the corner of our house, and som red and blackcurrants to. So I made Änglamat when I got back in. And it was so good. Yummie!

And for you all, I recommend JJ Heller:


I love the outdoors life. I love picking mushrooms and berries, especially cloudberries. But this year was a bad one for those, because the flowers froze in May so there weren't any. I don't know if I like the calm in the woods that much, like some people say. Maybe it's because I'm quite restless. I love lush forests, like the ones in England, when it's green everywhere and the sun is shining. It's like breathing freedom for a while. I love collecting the fruits of nature because it's just there, free for you to take. It gives you a feeling of content when you have made your own jam or juice, or when you find a big spot of edible, tasty mushrooms. I hope my neighbours are nice to me and let me empty their gooseberry bushes so I can make juice of the berries. I'll just have to ask nicely.

I'll try to survive

Kummelskär was interesting. At least I had a roomy, comfortable, cosy sleeping bag. The weather was mostly good, with some minor moments of storm, rain and thunder. There weren't so much program planned, we just chilled, I mostly with Cindy and the Swedes, and made fillets out of whitefish. I became rather good at it. I think we had a great time, at least sometimes, when we flipped. Malin, Jossan and Elin went nuts, writing jerky stuff on "no smoking signs". That was fun. And I spoke English the whole time, because of our exchange student from America. Good practise, but I noticed how bad I'm at it when I had to tell almost everything in English. And I was also introduced to a new music genre, ska. That was nice. Makes you want to dance.

(and the password thing, maybe you're not supposed to use a blog as a journal)


Dirty Second Hands and Awakening live by Switchfoot.

Andrea, you should watch this version of Awakening.

And off we go and here we come Kummelskär, Russians, Swedes and Finns.


I will put a password on my blog in a few days so if you want to keep on reading just ask me for it.

every breath that I inhale is followed by exhaling

From now on till approximately the ninth of September I will write in English. If there is a word I'd want to write and I don't know what it is in English I'll have to look it up in a dictionary. Isn't it nice to always have a feeling of being in school. I'm doing this because I'm taking my matriculation exam this fall and I want top grades (only in English). I reckon this is really good practise for that.

min första tomat

Den var god. En körsbärstomat. Söt, och varm av solen. Det fanns en som just skulle bli mogen. När jag gick dit nästa dag hade någon annan ätit upp den. Modigt gjort. Hoppas att resten hinner bli mogna, innan det blir alltför kallt.

en stund

För några dagar sen träffade jag Hasse, hissaläraren. För första gången sen skolan slutade. Han är cool. Vi såg på då han tränade sitt fotbollslag. Jag sa att han var snygg, därför kom vi. Han skrattade och sa att nu får jag 10 i allt. Och jag tänkte vad bra, det behöver mina fyror.