sound in my mouth

okej. nu ska jag försök skriv på svenska en tid. kanske det faller mig in att skriva på något annat språk en francais par example mais alors vous ne comprenez pas aussi bien ce que j'ècrit. jag har egentligen sovmorgon, men eftersom jag inte slapp till skolan på något annat sätt måste jag åka och sitta här. imorse missade min bror bussen, det var meningen att jag sku åka me mamma ti kvevlax å därifrån ta en lite senare buss å få 10 minuters sovmorgon. men eftersom han va slö å bussen tidig hann han inte. så mamma måste skjutsa oss enda till skolan istället. så det blev stress. hela veckan kommer att vara stress. höjtent på hissa på torsda å ha bara skjuti åpp hela tiden att läs, å ja sku verkligen ha måsta börj läs fö jättelängesen. hoh. körlektion i stan idag för första gången. spännande.

te med blåbärsmuffinsarom?


My leeks(purjolök) didn't get any bigger than this. But still, I grew them myself. And that is a satisfying feeling.

Everyday is about..

..getting hurt or let down at least once.

Tomorrow is the last English part. Wish me luck.


This is a song. I haven't listened to it much because of its, what I thought, silly title. "Happy is a yuppie word". And suddenly, it all made sense.


School is about

This past Monday we had the listening comprehension test in English. Most of my class thought it was really difficult, and I thought so too. Or, at least the questions were a bit weird. I'm not exactly disappointed of the result, but I had hoped it would turn out a little bit better. I got 79½ out of 90 (or 31 out of 35). Today we had the textkompetens test. It was the most difficult school related thing I have ever done. And so boring and frustrating and exhausting. And I don't know when you're supposed to have time to eat? If you try to relax you get even more frustrated about how difficult it is and you might not want to continue after that.The questions were all about war and "okänd soldat". That's the way. I might even get a C, depends on my essay.
Today is a day when my mum comes home! Jippii!

I recommend. Download. Really, really good music.

two ways

I noticed we have new asphalt. I have no idea who came up with the idea
that we needed new stuff in Hankmo, of all places. The old one wasn't even
that bad. It is sticky. And it smells. But it is soft to walk on.


Today I watched all three "Back to the future"-films in a row. Only about six hours. They were pretty good. I did that only because I am still sick, and I have no strength to do better things such as finishing my essay about evolution, big bang/creationism, intelligent design. Yep